Friday, May 29, 2009

My First Post!

Reasons to be Cheerful ~ It's sunny today! (but cold)

Things that make me go GRRR! ~ Housework!

Well, at last a blog from me, and what pressure, my first blog entry!

The above shows one of my paintings of the Southern alps here in the South Island of New Zealand. They are visible from all over Christchurch and beyond and are a magnificent sight in winter when they are covered in snow like this.They are about 80 miles away but the snow and the clear air make them look much closer.

Today is a tidy up day. My son is at pre-school and I have the housework and posting out to keep me busy.I hope to get creative later but wanted to do some dyeing and my fiber has been held up at customs (another Grrr!).Maybe I'll finally get to spin up my batts from Terrabellaspuns fiber club. They are sitting there looking tempting and sparkly!

I spun up the first one into a slightly thick and thin single and plied it with a fine boucle with some beehives.I'm not sure yet what I'm going to make, maybe some little purses.I have some fab bag handles at the moment.

I may make a little bowl tonight I love these! I am thinking of making them to match some little soaps like the ones I have up in my store at the moment.The soaps just snuggle nicely into the bowl and would make a great gift.

Well thats about it for now,short and sweet I know but I hope you enjoyed it and will follow me.This is still very much a work in progress!




  1. It's a great blog!
    I've thought about starting one....but it is a bit intimidating!
    It's nice to follow what people are doing...I hope you keep it up!

  2. Which one of those mountains is Mt. Hutt? Our youngest did a semester of engineering at the University and snowboarded every weekend on Mt. Hutt.

    Feistywoman Designs

  3. Thamkyou everyone! I think the middle mountain is Mt Hutt,Carol.I havent been up there skiing,fell over too many times when I was younger!

  4. Did you paint the picture? There are pictures in the house that are 'mine' - that means bought and paid for by me!
    This is so nice to be part of your life. Thank you.
    Carol (Alaska)

  5. Hi Carol,thankyou for joining me! Yes I painted the picture,as well as a fiber artist I am an artist too.I have another etsy store ArtbyArtemis but dont have much time to paint at the moment so one of these days I will give that store some more attention.I will post more pics of my paintings in my blog from time to time.:)

  6. Lovely blog Mandy, congratulations on your first big step. It took me a while to create my blog and now i've let it hang. I need to post soon, you've given me inspiration.
    I've always wanted to visit the "down under". several years ago I had an exchange student living with me from Tazmania. She's invited me to come visit but I've yet to venture that far away.


  7. Great post, good to see you blogging. I really like your painting, reminds me of Rita Angus.

  8. Lovely, and I love your fibres!

  9. Hi Mandy!

    I love your first post! Ummm...Can't wait to see the second one!

  10. Hi - I love your Etsy shop. I'm up in the North Island where its a bit warmer. Been in NZ now for 2 years and loving it. Going to learn to spin next week.......

    Can't wait to follow your blog and learn lots of stuff.

  11. Hi Mandy,

    I've been waiting for you to IDK why, probably because it's nice to know what inspires such a wonderful artist such as yourself. It sounds like all went well for you in the UK. Congratulations! :-) Thank you so much for starting a blog. I will definitely follow. And without being said, but I will post it anyway (;-)) ArtemisArtemis is like my "home fiber store" because I favor it so much.


    p.s. I have yet to take that chance. Like jschubertdesigns...I gotta get past the intimidation of "letting people in" :-)

  12. Hi, Mandy! Just went to your Etsy shop to see what you were up to and learned you were blogging...though not exactly on a regular basis, so far! I'm finally back in to knitting and plan to get out those great yarns I got from you, soon! Teresa (aka...your first customer)

  13. hello just found your wonderful blog was trying to find you on facebook..

    come find us Mandy..
    love your beautiful art ..
    and your eye canday pic's
    its a mini vacations for us... 0)

    mona & the gaffer girls